Spend Control 2.0

Effortless Procurement Automation

Whether it’s SaaS, hardware, contractors, services, or anything else…use one platform for all of your new purchases, renewals, and ongoing supplier management.

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The Way Businesses Buy Tools & Manage Their Supplier Spend Is Completely Broken…

Current processes are manual & inefficient: employees don’t know where to start, finance lacks visibility, and procurement manually shepherds approvals across Legal, IT, InfoSec, and Finance.
No one likes the way it works and it’s slowing businesses down.

For an average 500-employee business...


Spent managing purchase requests & renewals every year


Wasted on overpaying suppliers & unused / duplicative suppliers


Spent onboarding a new supplier

1 in 3

Data breaches are caused by shadow IT

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Manage Your Procurement Processes Like Never Before

With a beautifully simple interface, powerful workflow automation, and integrations with your existing tools.

Automated Workflows Save You Time & Money

Omnea’s No-Code Workflow Builder automatically involves the right people at the right time, with the right context... No more manual shepherding across legal, info sec, finance, IT, and managers.

One Place for All Purchase Requests

Centralize and streamline data collection with our Intelligent Intake integrated into Slack and web app.

Get Rid of Duplicative Tools & Consolidate Spend...

Omnea's Recommendation Engine uses AI to surface similar existing tools to employees during the Intake, saving you time & money.

No More Accidental Auto-Renewals

Automated Renewal Workflows with sentiment surveys, reminders, and re-approvals make accidental renewals and unused or underutilised suppliers a thing of the past.

Third Party Risk Management Fit for the 21st Century…

Automated risk tiering, recurring questionnaires, and a single source of truth for all supplier data saves you time & reduces risk.

Make It Easy for Everyone

Simplifying purchasing & supplier onboarding for employees, procurement, legal, finance, IT and infosec with consumer-style UX.

Spend Visibility Made Simple

Omnea's Reporting shows procurement & finance where, why, and how money is being spent with suppliers...before it’s already been committed to.

Simple Integrations = Seamless Process

Omnea's Orchestration Layer connects Legal, IT, InfoSec, & Finance systems for real-time visibility. No more silos or 'where is this up to?' emails.

+ many more

Our Customers

Many of the world's most renowned businesses use Omnea to manage their supplier spend & automate procurement. Omnea currently keeps the identity of many customers / partners private & operates our Procurement Consortium under the Chatham House Rule. References can be provided upon request.

“Omnea simplifies how we manage supplier risk and saves us so much time. A previously manual & laborious process is now simple & easy — non-compliance is flagged before contracts renew, and our Third Party Risk Management is automated. We even get positive feedback from employees now! The UX really is best-in-class.”

Chris (Head of Risk)

“After a lengthy RFP evaluating all of the key players, we chose Omnea. The product is beautifully simple, they’re incredibly responsive, and it’s exceeded all of our expectations. All of our leadership team love the product & thank me for the visibility it brings. I’ve never had this much positive feedback on a tool before. We definitely made the right decision.“

Diana (Procurement Lead)

“Omnea has transformed how we run procurement and I can’t imagine having to go back to how things were. We now have no manual shepherding of the process, the right people are involved at the right time, and everyone has visibility. Our risk & compliance team also loves the TPRM functionality.“

Francisco (Head of Procurement)

“We ran a comprehensive evaluation of the market before choosing Omnea. Since onboarding, they’ve been a true partner to us and I can confidently say they’re the only platform and team that evolves at the same speed we do - their focus on development and innovation is unrivalled, plus the ROI has been phenomenal.“

Maria (VP, Finance)

“Omnea has provided us with the spend discipline that we needed. We’ve built and defined robust purchasing & renewals processes, automated the approvals process, and overhauled the way we manage third party spend. No more duplicative tools or accidental autorenewals! Amazing product & team.“

Moran (CFO)

“Omnea has given us true spend control whilst also making us a more agile business. Now when I approve final spend, I can be confident the relevant diligence has been done by other teams. Plus it pays for itself many times over. It’s a must-have for any finance leader trying to get costs under control.“

Dean (VP, Finance)

One Platform for All Your Teams

For Employees

Simple, intuitive process for all new purchasing and renewals

For Procurement

Automate & centralize processes to save time & money

For Legal

Manage legal workflows & workload with ease

For Finance

Get a grip of spend in real-time

For Risk & Compliance

Automated third party risk management

For IT & InfoSec

Surface existing tools & remove duplicative suppliers


Build, Automate, and Monitor Your Procurement Function Without the Overhead