The Procurement Consortium

Omnea’s Procurement Consortium is an invite-only group of the world’s leading procurement professionals from renowned & fast growing businesses.

How it works

The Consortium operates under the Chatham House Rule and share best-in-class processes & policies for each stage of the procurement lifecycle whilst supporting the development of the next generation of procurement technology.

Who it's for

The Consortium is made up of ~20 procurement leaders chosen based on the maturity of their procurement function, their existing procurement tooling, and their ambition to drive change.

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Our Members

"It’s about time a procurement tool was actually understood & used by everyone else in the org."

Head of Procurement, Top 20 FinTech

"My most popular response last year was ‘please see the buying process document in the wiki’...why can it not be configured into a tool?"

Procurement Director, Global Reinsurer

"IT, InfoSec, Legal, and Finance use their own siloed tools & my team has somehow become the shepherds of this process."

Global Procurement Head, 2,000 Tech Company

"I’ve hired four more people just to project manage buying processes & 70% of their time is spent chasing other people."

VP Procurement, Global Cybersecurity Business

We have opted to keep the identity of consortium members private.